CONAD presents its 2020 Sustainability Report

In its 2020 sustainability report, CONAD confirms its commitment to a responsible future and as a generator of economic, social and environmental value for communities with its project “Let's support the future”. In 2020, CONAD invested 30 million euros in social initiatives in favour of local communities: donations for research against COVID-19, interventions in favour of schools and new generations and support actions in favour of the most vulnerable, fragile and needy. From an environmental perspective, the number of private label references with recyclable packaging has risen from 44% in 2019 to 49% in 2020, with a target of 60% for 2021 and around 70% for 2022.

ICA invests in biogas and reduces emissions by 10.000 tonnes

ICA Sweden has drastically increased its use of biogas for its fleet. In the last two years, use has gone from zero to over 2.500 tonnes in 2020. In 2021, ICA Sweden intends to increase the use of biogas to approximately 3.200 tonnes, which will reduce CO2 emissions by 10.000 tonnes compared to if its transport were to run on diesel, which corresponds to a reduction of ICA Sweden's total emissions by 10 percent. ICA Gruppen’s goal is for all the Group's companies to have completely fossil-free road transport by 2030, in metropolitan regions by 2025. This objective will be achieved by investing in new technology and by investigating how initiatives to increase national production of renewable fuels can be supported.

Système U stops the systematic printing of receipts

By the 6th of May, all U stores will systematically ask their customers whether or not they want their receipt and payment receipt printed. Customers with the U card will either receive dematerialized tickets by e-mail or directly in their customer area on the retailers app. Each year, over 1,2 million reels, 110.192 kilometres of paper, are used for receipts. The gradual disappearance of the latter thus meets an ecological objective (limiting the use and waste of paper) and public health (the thermal paper used contains chemical substances). Based on feedback from pilot stores, Système U has observed that on average, 40% of customers do not want a printed receipt, if asked. Based on this rate, 44.077 kilometres of paper would be saved each year – a little more than the earth’s circumference!

Système U offers more than 230.000 € of food and hygiene products to young people

Throughout the month of March, Système U deployed the Student Solidarity Fidelity operation to strengthen its support for young people hard hit by the health crisis and raised a total of 232.838 euros. For every 100 checkouts by customers having the loyalty card, the brand released one euro. The amount collected will be used for the distribution of food and hygiene products in the regions, in cooperation with student organisations which will participate in the selection of the products and their distribution. Système U also created in September 2020 its own apprenticeship training centre (CFA) and adhered to the “1 young person, 1 solution” plan initiated by the French government. Thanks to these commitments, Système U plans to train 2.500 apprentices and work-study trainees among the 10.000 people it intends to recruit in 2021.

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