Did you know…

… that at around 65% of national legislation affecting the retail sector is based on EU legislation? By identifying and eliminating possible negative effects of legislative proposals at EU level, we ensure that national legislation does not limit the development and competitiveness of our groups.

… that Independent Retail Europe is the oldest multisector retail association in Brussels? The association was founded under its original name UGAL (Union des Groupements d’Achat de l’Alimentation) in 1963.

… that members of Independent Retail Europe run over 737.000 stores that directly employ more than 6,39 million people in the EU?

… that Independent Retail Europe represents more than 462.000 independent retailers?


Info circle Key figures

  • 23 groups and associations of groups in Europe
  • A combined wholesale turnover of more than 604 billion euro
  • A combined retail turnover of more than 1.385 billion euro
  • More than 737.000 sales outlets
  • Representing over 462.000 independent retailers
  • More than 6,39 million jobs