Partnership agreement for the distribution of humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Independent Retail Europe and the Association of Retailers of Ukraine (RAU) are extremely pleased to announce their partnership agreement for the distribution of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. In this time of crisis, in order to support the Ukrainian people, Ukraine’s healthcare workers and Ukraine’s Government, we are focusing on what we do best: distributing goods to the people. Through this partnership, demand and supply of aid can be coordinated and the goods can be distributed anywhere in Ukraine by means of the extensive logistical network of the Association of Retailers of Ukraine. Independent Retail Europe and the Association of Retailers of Ukraine are happy to assist any organisation which is looking to supply humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Independent Retail Europe expresses its unequivocal support and solidarity with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. We strongly condemn the Russian military invasion of a sovereign European country. We welcome the actions taken by the European Commission, European Council, EU Member States, and countries around the World. We stand with Ukraine.

Please contact Else Groen ( for any question that you may have.

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Doing business with Ukrainian industry - What retailers can do to help Ukraine

Helping the Ukrainian manufacturing means helping the Ukrainian people in their country. Here is an easy concept. This is a unique opportunity to engage with your shoppers in store on a topic that lies in the heart of so many people right now that are asking ‘how can I help?’. If you are interested to support, please check out the following link:


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