Groups of independent retailers are paving the way to seamless multichannel

30 October 2015

Independent Retail Europe’s annual conference was a great success this year. Co-hosted with Spanish member association ANCECO, groups of independent retailers and associations representing independent retailers from across Europe met in Barcelona to network, share experiences and discuss the future direction of the sector.

The conference, which had speakers from retailers, payments solutions providers and regulators, showcased how leading groups of independent retailers from across Europe are adapting their business to the new realities of a multi-channel world.  

ANCECO president Jordi Costa Argelaguet said: “The event offered an excellent opportunity for ANCECO members to engage with peers from across the EU, it is these exchanges that enable buying groups for independent retailers to remain a driving force for growth and jobs in our market.”

Independent Retail Europe Director General Else Groen said: “It has been a very insightful day. Speakers clearly demonstrated that our members are some of the most progressive retail companies in Europe. The multi-channel solutions offered by our members will ensure that groups of independent retailers continue to give excellent shopping experiences to customers”.

Note to editor: The conference took place on the 29 November 2015 at the Hotel “Condes de Barcelona”. Retail Speakers at the event included EURONICS España, Système U (France) and the ANWR Group (Germany). Muume AG presented the innovative payments solutions they offer to their customers and representatives from the European Commission (DG FISMA and DG COMP) and the European Central Bank provided regulatory perspectives on the payments market.


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The National Association of Purchasing and Services (ANCECO ) is the representative of the CPBs in Spain. Its mission is to protect the interests of the CPBs through services directed at central purchasing and services bodies, and by acting as representative of all members before other institutions. This non-profit organization was founded on March 30, 1998. There are currently 55 members of CPBs, representing 127 central purchasing bodies in 21 different business sectors. These bodies in turn include almost 20,000 companies, 31,200 retail outlets, 135 logistics platforms and 608 cash & carries. Information, promotions, exchange of knowledge, exchange of experiences and dedication to services. 55 partners 127 central purchasing bodies 22 sectors of activity 19,000 companies 31,200 points of sale

Independent Retail Europe
Independent Retail Europe is the European association that acts as an umbrella organisation for all groups of independent retailers in the food and non-food sectors. Our members are groups of independent retailers, associations representing groups of independent retailers and wider service organisations built to support independent retailers. Independent Retail Europe represents over 363,000 independent retailers (with a combined retail turnover of more than 770 billion euros and more than 556,000 points of sale), and 23 groups and associations of groups in Europe (employing over 5.5 million people and generating a combined wholesale turnover of more than 313 billion euros).

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