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If you drive to Brussels with a foreign car plate, please note the following:
Passenger cars, vans (less than or equal to 3.5 tons), minibuses and buses/coaches which were registered abroad must meet the criteria for access to the LEZ. Registration is compulsory for all vehicles registered abroad. The registration request is free of charge and must be completed before your visit via an online form available here.

All vehicle registered abroad entering the Brussels Region Low Emission Zone without being registered in advance may receive a fine of €150 (even if the vehicle meets the access criteria of the Low Emission Zone). Any transfer of incorrect information during the registration request is liable to a fine of 25 euros.

The registration is valid for 3 years as long as the information regarding the vehicle do not change.
The registration will be processed automatically, there is no processing period. Once you have received the confirmation of registration, you may consider your vehicle as officially registered.
WARNING, do not rely on websites offering the purchase of environmental stickers/badges. Those stickers/badges are neither necessary nor valid to circulate in the Brussels’ LEZ.
All other formalities related to the Brussels’ LEZ (request for derogations, registration of foreign vehicles) are free of charge. These formalities must be done via the website



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