1. Digital Single Market Ensuring the competitiveness of groups of independent retailers in the context of the growing digital market is a key priority.
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  2. Business-to-Business trading practices Independent Retail Europe members are the final link in the supply chain to consumers and will be affected by the policy outcomes of discussions related to supply chain behaviour.
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  3. SME policy and entrepreneurship Independent Retail Europe member groups are composed of, or provide services to, independent SME retailers.
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  4. Circular Economy Groups of independent retailers are committed to play their part in addressing opportunities and challenges regarding the transition to a circular economy.
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  5. Competition rules Certain types of agreements, such as information exchanges, purchasing agreements, agreements on commercialisation and standardisation agreements are indispensible to the functioning of groups of independent retailers. They have many pro-competitive effects, which undoubtedly benefit consumers. We aim to provide maximum flexibility in competition rules to enable networks of independent retailers to function efficiently.
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  • Independent Retail Europe is looking to recruit a Head Legal Affairs

    Independent Retail Europe is looking to recruit a Head Legal Affairs for its 5-person team in Brussels. Applications can be sent until 15 July to: job@IndependentRetailEurope.eu

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  • Adoption Directive on Unfair trading practices (UTPs)

    On 25 April the new Directive on Unfair Trading Practices was published in the Official Journal of the EU. The next step of the EU’s work in relation to the food supply chain is a study into the economic effects of buying alliances on the functioning of the supply chain, and work is ongoing to enhance market transparency (price formation) along the agricultural and food supply chain. Member States have until 25 April 2021 to implement the Directive into their national legal systems. 

Did you know?

  • Did you know that Independent Retail Europe members directly employ more than 6.48 million people?

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